Our Services

We will be a second home for your dog in Vancouver while you are away!

DOG TOWN provides home-style dog boarding, which means we do not use cages or kennels, and instead opt for a much more comfortable and stress-free solution. It's just like leaving your dog with your best friends!

With DOG TOWN your dog will have a fun packed day of activity, then a peaceful night's rest in a comforting and cozy environment.

  • Offers an alternative to conventional kenneling for those interested in the best for their dog.
  • Includes physical and mental education for your dog.
  • Offers dogs socialization, obedience, exercise and a lot of fun!
  • Perfect for those going on vacation or with busy schedules.
  • Staff are all dog lovers and dog owners themselves, and are expertly trained.

We recommend that customers take advantage of our dog walking add-on and the bath service to have their dog washed at the end of their stay.

Our dog daycare program encourages your dog to learn and socialize with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. With our supervision and daily training, we can teach any dog how to be happy, healthy, and calm.

We will train your dog in agility training and obedience training whenever you come in, exercise them and their bright little brains. We recommend you come as often as possible to get results.

By buying your daycare in packages, you save more money the more days you buy!

These prices include pee breaks but do not include walking or transport. For walking rates click here.

Walks ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour. We take your dog for a fun walk that will fit your dogs needs. Dogs are always under the careful control of the dog walker and never off-leash.

Our dog walking add-on to daycare and hotel service will leave you with the peace of mind that your dog will be walked according to the prearranged schedule. We offer customized care and attention for your dog.


Grooming is available!

Please call us to book your appointment.

Keeping your dog healthy and happy means investing in a regular bathing and hygiene scheme.
Leave in conditioner will get their coat soft and silky, then a blow dry will finish the look so that they're fluffy and soft.

Full Grooming includes:

  • Nail Triming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Pre-Bath Brush Out
  • Shampoo & Condition
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Towel Dry & Blow Dry
  • Post-Bath Brush Out
  • Sanitary Trim
  • Had Trim
  • Face Trim
  • Tail Trim
  • Paw Trim
  • Lag Trim
  • Overall Body Trim
  • Doggy Cologne

Pamper your pooch with a Happy Wash at DOGTOWN Daycare!
We massage your dog while they get washed with shampoo that's great for their coat and skin.

Transportation / Delivery

If your schedule is a little hectic, we can collect your pup and bring them to DOGTOWN, just like a school bus! We pick up in the morning and drop off end of day, so you can get to work on time knowing that your dog is going to have a great day.

Book your transportation here:



We also make it even more convenient for you by deliverying your dog's favourite food to your door as frequent as you need.



This is better termed canine-education in the modern era, since training has connotations concerning negative and positive reinforcement which are a dead-end for understanding of the canine and human animal.

Our main area of specialty is degree informed psychology-work, with an emphasis on achieving domestic functionality in pet dogs. We deal with behavioural issues such as aggression vs. violence (not the same thing), cognitive psychology, transactional psychology, homonculus theory, desensitization training, comportment reiteration (achieving correct posture to convey calm peaceful energy), dog yoga, behavioural training, agility and obedience short-form. Many topics are covered relating to the proper integration of dogs with each other focussed on the optimization of movement derived communication between two dogs versus many dogs. The main obstacle in achieving a training result is the difficulty in involving all members of the dogs associates/family members/trainers/handlers with a special emphasis on inter-handler consistency.